Mastertop Resin Flooring

A selection of Mastertop resin floors Ecoflor install are below.

Concrete Grinding

Mastertop 524 Pumped Screed System

Mastertop 524 is a cement based pump or hand applied flowable screed topping ideal for levelling and renovating floors. Mastertop 524 can be used to provide a superior surface prior to installing resin floor finishes, or where specific surface levels are required in industrial environments.


Concrete Polishing

Mastertop 1110 & 1272 Epoxy Coatings

Mastertop 1110 is a water based two component epoxy floor coating ideal for light to medium duty applications. Mastertop 1272 is a solvent free high build epoxy coating system suitable for medium duty applications such as production halls, factories and warehouses. The ultimate factory floor paint.


Concrete Polishing

Mastertop 1221 Decorative Quartz

Mastertop 1221 is a decorative epoxy quartz screed that can be hand trowelled or power floated. Installed at 3-4mm the decorative quartz finish is hard wearing and suited for most commercial and industrial applications. Mastertop 1221 can also incorporate a seamless coved skirting detail for hygiene.


Terrazzo Polishing

Mastertop 1255 Stone Carpet

Mastertop 1255 is a decorative Stone Carpet epoxy resin floor system. Coloured quartz aggregate is encapsulated in a clear epoxy binder to create a stone effect floor suitable for commercial and retail environments. Stone Carpet is also suitable for external balcony applications.


Concrete Floor Grinding

Mastertop 1324

Mastertop 1324 is a high performance polyurethane resin floor system laid at 2-3mm. The floor is suitable for industrial use and the most demanding commercial environments with high scratch and wear resistance. Anti-static versions are also available.


Concrete Planing

Mastertop 1325 & 1326

Mastertop 1325 & 1326 UV stable elastomeric polyurethane flooring creates a warm, comfortable, hard wearing contempoary floor finish. Suitable for installation of concrete, timber and screed, 1325 is the ultimate in resin floor performance.


Concrete Planing

Mastertop 1325 & 1326 REG

Mastertop 1325 & 1326 REG, a 2mm elastomeric resin floor incorporating a 6mm rubber crumb mat for maximum comfort, safety and noise reduction. Combining a light stable polyurethane resin and mat, REG is the ultimate comfort floor for commercial use.


Diamond Grinding

Mastertop DCT Terrazzo

Mastertop DCT is the ultimate comfort terrazzo. Combining recycled rubber crumb and an innovative polyurethane binder, DCT provides an elastomeric terrazzo effect floor with high life cycles and comfort appeal. DCT could be the ultimate hospital floor finish.

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